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We accept most major insurances (Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna and VA community care and more).
Call or E-mail us for free benefit check up. 
Does it hurt?
We use hair thin, sterile, disposable, one time use needles. When we tap the needles in, it goes through the pain receptor very quick. Most of people do not even feel the needles are already on the points. 
You might feel the insertion of needles(a little prick or pinch) sometimes, but it is less painful than when you pluck out your hair. It is normal to feel "De Qi"(gain energy) sensation of heavy, distension, tingling, and numbness feeling up and down the body. 
How long does it take? How many sessions do I need?
It takes about 45 minutes in general or longer(initial visit up to 90 min) depends on the  complexity and the severity of patient's condition.
You might need a few sessions for acute conditions; neck, shoulder, low back pain and etc.) to see the difference or changes of symptoms. Some people feel difference right after the first session, but some people won't. It all varies from person to person and symptoms.
If you are looking for treatment for chronic or internal issues, we recommend you to have intensive 2-3 times a week for several weeks of treatment. It takes some time because the purpose of Oriental Medicine is to balance your body, and correct underlying cause of symptoms to help your body function naturally as it should be
Anything I have to expect before or after visit?
  • For the first visit, we want you to come at least 10 minutes earlier than your appointment. You will be filling out bunch of health history questions, so that we know your condition better to treat you better.
  • We want you to come here with loose and comfortable clothing.
  • We want you to avoid huge meal or empty stomach right before the treatment. For correct pulse diagnosis and avoid dizziness during the treatment with empty stomach.
  • You will feel relief after treatment most of the time. Sometimes you might experience sore and achy on the spot that were treated. It is a healing process which normally subsides in a day or two or the following treatments.
  • We are STRICTLY fragrance-free clinic. Please refrain from wearing any product that has fragrance or scents in it. 
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